Monday, February 13, 2012

This Week's Cravings {VALENTINE'S DAY}: Pumpkin Biscuits

Today's This Week's Cravings theme is Valentine's Day Treats or Romantic Dinners. Our family tradition for special days is breakfast in bed for whomever is being treated. So, for my special day, I usually get pancakes or waffles in bed from the husband. This holiday, I decided I'd attempt to make a breakfast ahead of time that I would love and neither of us would have to fuss over during our morning routine. These Pumpkin Biscuits, which I made ahead of time and froze, were the perfect choice. The pumpkin flavor was subtle enough that the pumpkin-wary husband still liked them and the pumpkin-loving ladies of the house were completely in love with them. If your kids are vegetable-phobic, these biscuits would also be a great way to sneak in some vegetable vitamins...especially for bread-lovers.

These biscuits were my first roll out and cut biscuits...ever. I've been intimidated by that variety of biscuits. I mean, drop biscuits are SO EASY, so why bother, right? I hate rolling dough out for some reason so this was one of my hold-ups in my Get Real journey. I think I conquered my stumbling block pretty well as these biscuits came out fantastically and were surprisingly easy to make. Of particular note, I LOVE the process of shredding the frozen butter in my food processor and then tossing it in the dry ingredients. It's so much easier than the whole pastry cutter or two knives debacle that I always seem to screw up (or ask my husband to finish for me).

Check out my Pumpkin Biscuits over at today for a real (and I think romantic) Valentine's Day treat.

The Results
We all loved these, and as I said, they were so much easier than I'd anticipated. They're great warm out of the oven, but I actually ended up surprisingly enjoying them even more cold. The taste and texture is incredible and the subtle pumpkin pie spice flavor gives the biscuits an unique kick.

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      1. Hi Kristi,

        Thanks so much for hosting. Those pumpkin biscuits sound delish!

        I'm sharing a chocolate and a non-chocolate treat for Valentine's Day. 1st, the chocolate: Chocolate Zucchini Cake with Espresso Cream Cheese Icing, and 2nd, Lemon Cheesecake Mousse with a Honey Crumble.

        Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

      2. Love the sound of your pumpkin biscuits! I've shared Molten Chocolate Babycakes, a wonderful dessert for Valentine's Day. Thank you for hosting.