Friday, February 17, 2012

Healthy Breakfast Cookies

I shared a brilliant breakfast over at this week and had to share it here, too: Healthy Breakfast Cookies. Lest you think I've developed a super duper mega ego, I say brilliant because I adapted the idea from another blogger. Myscha posted What’s Cooking? Breakfast Cookies over at and the idea is simply brilliant. Healthy breakfast cookies. Now these are meant for those on a diet, but I used whole milk (you can use almond or coconut milk for a vegan option) and extra applesauce to make them kid-friendly.

And, BONUS, I used up one of my lurking freezer items. I had 3 bananas frozen in a bag. I'll definitely be trying this recipe again and I may try it with a fruit other than bananas (maybe pumpkin puree or more applesauce) because we have a neighbor with banana allergies. It's nice to share...if they don't get gobbled up before that's possible. We ate these cookies in two days. And we didn't have to feel guilty at all. Excellent.

The Results
The kids went absolutely insane for these cookies. I mean, who wouldn't go crazy for cookies for breakfast. But they really, really loved them. I used a mix of cranberries and blueberries in mine this time. That was mainly because my husband and I don't care for cooked raisins. The kids sometimes picked out the blueberries (which is weird, because they love blueberries) so I think next time I'll either go for just cranberries or suck it up and do raisins.

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  1. Stopping by from the Friday Favorites Blog Hop!

  2. Love the look of these cookies, and what's not to love about cookies for breakfast?!