Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Get Real Pantry Purge Inventory List 1

Look Mom, I did my homework! I've pledged to participate in Get Real this year and I'm tackling my Great Pantry Purge in stages. Baby steps I tell you, baby steps. For January Week 1, Kelly asked us to make a list of the items in our pantry that we think aren't whole foods and then plan your purge of these items (basically figure out what you're going to make with the food, or you can also donate some of the items to a food pantry).

I'm not even going to try to tackle condiments and bottled sauces yet. Those will come in time (and I'm already working on Homemade Condiments & Sauces), but I did search through the depths of both my pantries at all the boxed, bagged and canned items. I need to do a bit more freezer clearing before I can reach the bottom and find what's lurking in there.

Here's what I need to tackle so far. Some of these may be OK, but I'm marking down everything I'm not sure about.
  • [ ] Store-bought croutons (I've made a lot of homemade, but haven't completely given up the easy kind)
  • [ ] 1 package instant pudding
  • [ ] 3 packages instant jello (yes, I know it's not vegetarian...it's not my fault jello poke cake is delicious...my favorite combination is lemon cake with lime jello...mmm)
  • [ ] French fried onions
  • [ ] 4 cans tomato soup (HFCS)
  • [ ] Sugary fruit drink pouches (the kind you add to water...we got them for kid juice emergencies; silly but true...at least it's real sugar)
  • [ ] Taco Bell taco shells
  • [ ] 1 package lemon poppyseed muffin mix (lots of unpronounceables)
  • [ ] 1 taboule wheat salad (Near East brand, probably OK)
  • [ ] 1 box rice-a-roni (4 cheese flavor if you're interested)
  • [ ] 2 Indian Fare trader joe's foil pouch meals (probably OK)
  • [ ] 1/2 cup Bisquick
  • [ ] 2 boxes hamburger helper (yes, I've been known to use it with my Lentil and Rice Ground Beef Substitute there's probably some sort of real food versus processed food battle royale going on in any dish like that, right?)
  • [ ] 1 container store-bought breadcrumbs (funny thing: I bought them because I didn't feel like making homemade that week and ended up making homemade the next day)
  • [ ] About 2 cups bleached flour (It was so, so tough, but the last bag I bought was King Arthur unbleached...10 pounds for about the same price as 25 pounds of the bleached kind I have leftover. Sticker shock. I'm very frugal and it made me whine a little bit. My husband might say it made me whine a lot.)
  • [ ] About 1/2 box of potato flakes (instant mashed potatoes)
  • [ ] 8 bags Ramen noodles (don't judge me)
  • [ ] 3 boxes processed mac and cheese
  • [ ] 3 toddler dinners microwaveable cups (we bought these for feeding "emergencies" and of course didn't have many with all the food in our house)
  • [ ] Giant bag of white rice (I'm not terribly sure about this one...I prefer brown rice anyway, but I think white's considered not "real" because it's processed)


  1. Good for you for making the steps to do the inventory and make a decision. Most people get intimidated by even making the effort to chage,so kuddos to you! I look forward to next years post when you do your next inventory and none of these items will be present. We'll all be here to cheer you along the way.
    I'll be hosting WHole Food Wendesday starting tomorrow, I hope you'll swing by with your whole food recipes so we cna read about your journey.
    Have a great week.

  2. LOVE it! Mostly your funny comments that go along with it too! You are motivating to do a detailed list of mine too.

  3. I've been doing this too, although in a less organized way. I've definitely gotten rid of a lot of the junk, but in weak moments (particularly when shopping with my husband), I've bought more. Oh, pudding, I just can't quit you!

    Can't wait to follow your progress on this plan!

  4. Thanks France, I'm excited about your Whole Food Wednesday hop; I'll definitely be there tomorrow.

    Tricia, I'm glad my creepy pantry lurkers could motivate you. :)

    ohkeeka, I hear you on the weak moments, I'm glad every little bit helps! No use punishing ourselves for our slip-ups.