Monday, August 1, 2011

Menu Plan Monday August 1

I'm doing things a bit differently this month. I'll be planning the entire month of August and serving up a lot of freezer meals from my menus over at OAMM. We're planning on being out swimming and having fun in the sun a lot this month, so the less time in the kitchen, the better. Here it goes.

Monday Aug. 1·Day 213
Bacon-Persimmon Pasta @ OAMM 

Tuesday·Aug. 2 Day 214
Homemade Tomato Soup, vegan-converted 

Wednesday Aug. 3·Day 215
Empanadas, vegan-converted

Thursday Aug. 4 Day 216
Leftovers and Pantry·Frankenstein Creation.

Friday Aug. 5·Day 217
Green Chile Rice Casserole, vegan-converted 

Saturday Aug. 6·Day 218
Farro and Millet Risotto, vegan-converted 

Sunday Aug. 7·Day 219 
Sourdough Bagels, vegan-converted 

Monday Aug. 8·Day 220
Cucumber Breakfast Spread @ OAMM 

Tuesday Aug. 9 Day 221
Sushi Salad, vegan-converted 

Wednesday Aug. 10 Day 222
8 Can Soup, veggie-converted

Thursday Aug. 11 Day 223
Leftovers and Pantry·Frankenstein Creation.· 

Friday Aug. 12 Day 224
Cheesy Green Bean Skillet, vegan-converted

Saturday Aug. 13 Day 225
Pear and Squash Bruschetta, vegan-converted

Sunday Aug. 14 Day 226
Love Cakes 

Monday Aug. 15 Day 227
Pear Gorgonzola Pizza @ OAMM 

Tuesday Aug. 16 Day 228
Zucchini Fritters, vegan-converted 

Wednesday Aug. 17 Day 229
Polenta Cakes, vegan-converted 

Thursday Aug. 18 Day 230
Leftovers and Pantry·Frankenstein Creation.

Friday Aug. 19 Day 231
Raspberry Kiwi Smoothie, vegan-converted

Saturday Aug. 20 Day 232
Chicken Chow Mein, veggie-converted

Sunday Aug. 21 Day 233
Apple-Walnut Rhubarb Muffins, vegan-converted 

Monday Aug. 22 Day 234
Secret Recipe Club meal

Tuesday Aug. 23 Day 235
Tomato Bhindi @ OAMM

Wednesday Aug. 24 Day 236
Zucchini Boats, vegan-converted 

Thursday Aug. 25 Day 237
Leftovers and Pantry·Frankenstein Creation.· 

Friday Aug. 26 Day 238
Pita Pizzas, veggie-converted 

Saturday Aug. 27 Day 239
Pizza Meatloaf Cups, veggie-converted 

Sunday Aug. 28 Day 240
Tofu Scrambler 

Monday Aug. 29 Day 241
Pesto Chicken @ OAMM

Tuesday Aug. 30 Day 242
Beef Chimichangas, veggie-converted 

Wednesday Aug. 31 Day 243
Avocado Crab Crostini, veggie-converted 

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