Monday, June 6, 2011

Meatless/Vegan Monday: Blueberry Muffins Recipe and Link-up

Day 157.

It's another OAMM Monday and this week I'm having Vegan Blueberry MuffinsVegans get a little bit of the shaft when it comes to baked treats. No cheese, no eggs, no milk and even no honey all mean that store-bought treats ad even traditional recipes are a no-go. So I crafted these Vegan Blueberry Muffins with buttery spread and applesauce replacing the butter and eggs. Soymilk also replaces the milk. The butter is the biggest trick. Especially with the topping. It's much easier to make buttery spread streusel crunchy with the addition of the oats. Not required, but oh so much easier.

The Results
The kids are completely in love with me today. Blueberry Muffins for dinner? What? Maybe we'll have leftover burgers for breakfast to balance life out. These are fabulous. They don't seem to get as puffy as the non-vegan counterparts, but the taste and texture are excellent.

Meatless/Vegan Monday Link-up

To participate this week here on Veggie Converter, you will be able to comment or link your Meatless Monday meals while I post my Meatless Monday challenge to myself, Vegan Mondays. If you're a vegetarian or vegan blogger and would like to be featured for Vegan Mondays, link up, or contact

Today's Meatless/Vegan Monday meal is 21st Century Housewife's Sandwich Heaven. An excellent selection of vegetarian and vegan sandwiches. So many choices! Yummy.

Now for the link-up rules: post your link to a meatless (vegan or vegetarian, or even an attempted meatless) recipe that you've posted on your blog.
Next week, a reader recipe that was linked up this week will be highlighted on Meatless (Vegan) Mondays. Each week you link up or comment, gives you an opportunity to be featured the following week.

Please join the Meatless (Vegan) Monday link-up. What Vegan or Meatless Monday Meal is your family having today?

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  1. I made some vegan muffins for the first time a few days ago...and surprisingly (to me) the whole family loved them! These sound like another great option, I'll have to go check out the recipe. Thanks for hosting =)

  2. You are so right when it comes to the baking part with vegans. I try to eat gluten free and vegan at home, which isn't that bad regularly, but it is difficult when it comes baking.

    I play around with the substitutions, but I still haven't mastered gluten-free, vegan baking as well as "regular" baking. So, I always love to read what other people are making and using as substitutes.

    Have a great day!

    - Michelle
    @ The Adirondack Chick

  3. OMG...vegan and gluten-free? That is so hard. I've tried it a few times. For gluten-free you should check out the OAMM gluten-free menu. She's a pro at GFree baking. I'm scared to attempt it myself. Baking is such a science, and I'm so an artsy-brained girl. I'm lucky I can do regular baking with all those measurements. GFree would probably push my brain over the edge. Here's Angela's gluten and dairy-free section of OAMM. GFree OAMM

  4. Your blueberry muffins look really delicious, and thank you so much for featuring the recipe I shared last week! I am so glad you liked the sound of it!

    I'm hoping to come by and link up a recipe for this week a bit later. I just got back to England from California a couple hours I'm running a bit behind today!! Hope you have a lovely week :)

  5. Kristi, Love blueberry muffins. Would you link these to Bake with Bizzy.

  6. I figure you always have to have something you can eat at a moments notice when supper is just not going to happen (for whatever reason). This is my go to for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Not vegan however. Hope that's ok :)
    Blueberry Vegan Muffins, you're a champ, they you beautiful.

  7. These look and sound delicious. Please link them to Muffin Monday. Thanks!

  8. Thanks so much for linking your delicious blueberry muffins recipe up at Muffin and Cupcake Monday! Have a great week and hope to so see you again soon!

  9. these look just as good as "regular" muffins! & i especially love a muffin with a streusel-y topping! ;)

    thanks so much for linking up to mangia mondays!