Monday, May 2, 2011

Menu Plan Monday May 2

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Last week's successes:

Last week's failure (if you're looking for a challenge):
No epic failures last week. I can't even pick a "worst" recipe. I suppose the least exciting would be the Asparagus Frittata, but it was super tasty though simple.

This week's hopefuls:
Monday·Day 122
Meatless (vegan for me) Monday
Tuesday·Day 123
Mexican (Taco) Tuesday
Mexican Verde Casserole, veggie-converted

Wednesday·Day 124
Crockpot General Tso's Chicken, veggie-converted

Thursday·Day 125
Leftovers and Pantry·Frankenstein Creation.·

Friday·Day 126
Spaghetti Squash with Bacon Garlic Alfredo, veggie-converted

Saturday·Day 127
Pepperoni Pizza Muffins, veggie converted

Sunday·Day 128 
Sunday Brunch

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  1. I would say last week was a totally successful week! Everything this week looks good also!