Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vegetarian Mexican Deviled Eggs Recipe

Day 116.

What on earth can you do with all those leftover dyed boiled eggs? In my house, deviled eggs are a big hit. To spice things up (at the risk of possible disdain of my traditional deviled egg-loving husband), I'm making Mexican Deviled Eggs this year with our leftover rainbow of eggs. Another possibility for later in the week (if you have a bunch) is Curried Egg Salad.

Mexican Deviled Eggs
12 Hard Boiled Eggs, large, peeled
1/4 C Mayonnaise Or Salad Dressing
1 Tbsp Cumin; Ground
1 Tbsp. Capers (or diced, brined mushrooms, or green olives), finely chopped
1 Tbsp. Mustard; Prepared
1/2 tsp. Salt
1    Jalapeno Pepper, seeded and finely chopped
Red Chiles; Ground
Cilantro, to taste

Cut the eggs lengthwise into halves. Slip out the yolks and mash with a fork. Mix the mashed yolks with the mayonnaise, cumin, capers, mustard, salt and the jalapeƱo pepper. Fill the egg whites with the egg yolk mixture, heaping lightly. Sprinkle with ground red chiles, a bit more cumin and garnish with the cilantro (I just mixed in some dry cilantro).

OK, I didn't think this was possible. But I like these MORE than regular deviled eggs. Deviled eggs are one of my go-to holiday gathering "meals" since a lot of people focus on meats. When these and other tasty sides are available, I can fill my plate without any special meal made just for me (which I love, I hate asking for something without meat or making a big deal out of my dietary choices). Now, I might just have to bring my own fiesta-style eggs. Yummmm.

What did you do with your Easter leftovers?

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  1. I love deviled eggs so I definitely have to try these, yum!

  2. Thanks for linking up to Recipe of the Week blog hop!!

  3. Sometimes I see unusual variations on deviled eggs, but I'm too chicken (pardon the pun) to try them. Something about this combo of flavors makes me want to be brave!

  4. What a great variation on traditional Devilled Eggs. They sound lovely and spicy!