Monday, March 7, 2011

Meatless (Vegan) Monday Challenge Link-up: Week 6

Welcome to the Vegan Mondays Link-Up!

Today's Meatless/Vegan Monday meal is from the Gyoza from Gnoe Gnoe. How creative! I think I'm in love with Gyoza, though I've not had it often. Now I need to find myself a Gyoza press. Note: these can be made without the press. Just press them together like dumplings.
Now for the link-up rules: post your link to a meatless (vegan or vegetarian, or even an attempted meatless) recipe that you've posted on your blog.

Next week, a reader recipe that was linked up this week will be highlighted on Meatless (Vegan) Mondays. Each week you link up or comment, gives you an opportunity to be featured the following week.

Please join us for the Meatless (Vegan) Monday link-up. What Vegan or Meatless Monday Meal is your family having today?

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  1. I brought another new favorite meatless dish of mine this week. Thanks so much for hosting :D

  2. I've never made gyoza before, but this recipe looks like a great place to start. They sure look yummy! I've brought a delicious basil cheese strata that I had while I was in California. Thank you so much for hosting and have a wonderful week!

  3. Thanks to you all for linking. Those of you who stop by frequently may have noticed about 20 links taken off. I'm sad to do it, but I had to delete a couple for meat inclusion and a large amount of links from one person (20+ links to one site seemed excessive and there was also no link back). So, let's all follow the rules to keep the party going! Thanks!

  4. Hi Kristi! Linking up some rice pilaf that is obviously vegetarian, but you can make it vegan by using olive oil to sautee the rice and vegetable stock instead of chicken stock! All the best, Alex

  5. Ohh, yum. Thanks Alex, I luurrrvvee rice pilaf.