Thursday, February 24, 2011

Project: Food Budget, Week 7

I am participating in Project: Food Budget. I will be continuing my series on leftovers casserole, or whatever Frankenstein Leftovers Creation I make out of my pantry and my fridge leftovers every Thursday.

I started once-a-month cooking, based on some of the recipes found at So, instead of sticking to a weekly budget this go-around, I'm doing a monthly budget. I'm reducing our monthly budget from $400 to $300 in an attempt to really challenge us. 

This week, we spent $0 on groceries, again! YAY! Fireworks! Pow! Pow! 

Budget: $300 ($75 for the week)

Actual: $0 +$328 previous weeks = $328 total

So, that's probably it for the month. We stayed very close to our $300 budget in the end. I may have to spend about $5 before the end of the month for milk as we're nearly out. But, I'm proud of what we did this month. 

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