Thursday, February 17, 2011

Project: Food Budget, Week 6

I am participating in Project: Food Budget. I will be continuing my series on leftovers casserole, or whatever Frankenstein Leftovers Creation I make out of my pantry and my fridge leftovers every Thursday.

I started once-a-month cooking, based on some of the recipes found at So, instead of sticking to a weekly budget this go-around, I'm doing a monthly budget. I'm reducing our monthly budget from $400 to $300 in an attempt to really challenge us. 

This week, we spent $0 on groceries! YAY! Fireworks! Pow! Pow! Unfortunately we had already broken our budget last week, but we're setting a new goal and trying to stay close to where we're at now.

Budget: $300 ($75 for the week)

Actual: $0 +$328 previous weeks = $328 total

So, we're still over both the weekly and the monthly, but we haven't spent any more money. I'm hopeful we can stay under $350 for the month.


  1. This was almost my approach this week. I was thinking that every time I walk into the store I end up buying junk, so how about just not walk into the store at all?

    Good job!

  2. that's pretty impressive that you have been able to not spend any money this week.

    must have been some grocery trip last week. ;-)