Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project: Food Budget, Week 4

I am participating in Project: Food Budget. I will be continuing my series on leftovers casserole, or whatever Frankenstein Leftovers Creation I make out of my pantry and my fridge leftovers every Thursday.

Next week, I plan to start doing some once-a-month cooking, based on some of the recipes found at

So, instead of sticking to a weekly budget this go-around, I'll be doing a monthly budget. I'm reducing our monthly budget from $400 to $300 in an attempt to really challenge us. 

This week, we spent $24.58 (saved $15.62 off of retail price) for groceries at one grocery store. We also bought a fruit and veggie box from our CSA for $19 (half-off depot coupon savings of $19) and another from Angel Food Ministries for $22.

Here's some of what we got at Kroger (it's the Mega Sale this week):
Mott's Apple Juice $0.49
Horizon Milk $2.69
Gatorade $3.39
Gingerale 2L .89
Hunts Fire Roasted Tomatoes 3 cans, $2
Almond Milk $1

And then we did the 10 participating items to save an additional $5 and used a few coupons, making our total $22 with a retail price of $40.

We did the bulk of the once-a-month shopping at Publix. Here's what we got there for a total of $90 (retail prices of $70):
Baby corn
Tomato paste x 2
Tomato sauce x 2
Diced green chiles x 2
Pineapple chunks
Bamboo shoots x2
Rotel x 3
Olive oil
Evaporated milk
Sesame oil
Green olives
Green onions
Snow peas
Frozen peas
Frozen broccoli
Bell peppers x 6
Garbanzo beans
Quorn "chicken" cutlets
Coleslaw mix
White mushrooms
Oatmeal baby cereal
Rice baby cereal
Flintstone's toddler vitamins
Frozen raspberries
Vegetable bouillon

Budget: $300 ($75 for the week)

Actual: $153.20

So, we are are over where we SHOULD be for the budget at this point, but since I'm doing the OAMC thing this month and shouldn't need much more for the entire month, we should be doing great this month.


  1. I've been considering doing once a month cooking. I already do once a week cooking, so I think expanding that to once a month (or once every two weeks?) wouldn't be too big of a stretch.

    My husband and I have been working on cutting our budget too! We used to do $600 a month for food, now we're down to under $400 and are aiming at $300 or under. We've been spending under $70 a week the past few weeks, so I'm doing a decent job. We only buy organic, and frequently local, so I don't know how much lower I could get. I'll keep trying though!

  2. What kind of almond milk did you get at Kroger for $1?! Man, I would have stocked up!

    Jealous that you have a Publix. I love shopping there when I go to stay with my SO's family. None around me, though. :(

  3. Oh how I miss Publix!

    It sounds like you did a great job shopping. I'm trying to learn how to coupon again now that we are dealing with so many different adjustments to what we buy... gf/cf vegetarian whole foods. It will be done! Actually, I need to really reign in our food budget. Something always makes it go whacky. Thanks for posting. Now to get my plan in order. I might even try some OAMC myself!

  4. I'm so glad you're considering doing OAMC. I can convert the OAMM meals pretty easily. Email me if you want more info on this month's meal. Or I could send you a list of this month's when they're all done with links to Tricia's instructions (altered for veg version) and you could do them next month!

    Stephanie--Silk Almond Milk was part of the Kroger Mega Sale and I had a coupon. So it was on sale cheap and I had $1 off!

    Steph--email me and I'll send you my matchups for organic/veg stuff. I get my "deals" from IheartPublix and sometimes a few other couponing blogs. I am a terrible couponer, but I'm in recovery. Hah!