Monday, February 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday Feb. 7

Don't forget to check out Meatless (Vegan) Mondays!

Last week's successes:
Last week's failure (if you're looking for a challenge):
No real failures again this week. Though the Fried Rice got a little soggy upon reheating the next day for lunch. That means that recipe is probably not a repeat for a big batch.

This week's hopefuls:
Monday Day 38
Meatless (vegan for me) Monday
Fire Roasted Chicken*, veggie-converted

Tuesday Day 39
Mexican (Taco) Tuesday
Wednesday Day 40
Thursday Day 41
Leftovers and Pantry Frankenstein Creation: Clean out the Crisper Fried Rice and Egg Rolls.

Friday Day 42
Pizza Italian Friday
Saturday Day 43
Sunday Day 44 Sunday Brunch
Biscuits and Gravy (veggie-converted from a cookbook)

*OAMM Freezer Meals

Don't forget to comment if you chose to do a Meatless Monday meal.

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  1. Here's our vegetarian meal plan this week: It is actually less vegan than usual (a little dairy-heavy this week!).

  2. I love this idea of documenting your veggie meals. I'm guessing this will be something many vegetarians (and non-vegetarians) will enjoy.

    I found you on Mom Blog Network and I'm your newest follower.
    Please stop by my place!