Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Stumbles

It's Saturday again, already? I feel like we've been snowed in for more than just a week, but it's also flown by somehow. Some sort of space-time continuum rift I'm sure. So, on to the coolest and most interesting stuff I've stumbled upon this week.

Hogwarts Food: Vegan Dad is posting all kinds of cool food inspired by the Harry Potter books over at Vegan Dad. This is the latest, a "meat" and potatoes concoction. But, I really want to make the butter beer.

Rice Balls and Inari: Gonzo Mama has a great post on making rice balls and inari. I LOVE inari. I order it every single time we go to a sushi restaurant. I love it even better with seaweed salad tucked inside on top of the rice. So delicious. And now I know how to make it. Yum! I have looked for the tofu pockets before, to no avail. But now I know what they look like. Score.

Fried Okra Cakes: I love fried okra, I love cake. What can go wrong? Seriously, these are yummy little okra cakes, more like a savory crab-cake type thing than a dessert cake, obviously. I hate frying, I really do. But okra is the one thing I continually attempt to fry, because it's so good. It's also how I set my kitchen on fire once. But, gotta get back on the horse. Maybe in cake-form it will take longer to set aflame.

Homemade Tater Tots: I love tater tots. Sometimes I get them at Sonic, but I'm sure those tater tots are horrible for you. So, why not make them at home? Because I had no idea how, until now. I mean, sure, get them in hashbrown form and then make them into tiny cylinders, but as for what gets them in that shape, I don't know. So, here we go, a tutorial. Someone's already gone through the trial and error for me. She also posts a "tater tot hotdish," which she gently mocks her husband for never having had growing up. I have never heard of such a dish, but by golly it sounds good. Might be a Canadian thing.

Orange Bars: Yum, that's all. I love lemon and lime bars, and I'm sure I'd love these, too.

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  1. You and I had the same idea about posting food. Yours look so yummy! Thanks for linking up!