Monday, January 31, 2011

Menu Plan Monday Jan. 31

Don't forget to check out the Meatless (Vegan) Mondays: Week 1 link-up.

Last week's successes:

Last week's failure (if you're looking for a challenge):
There were really no failures this week. My husband; however, would call the Brown Sugar and Bacon-Stuffed French Toast a failure. Weirdo doesn't like coconut.

This week's hopefuls:
It's the week of the Big Game, so I've kept that in mind and posted several recipes that can be used for Game Day treats! I'll also be posting a Game Day Recipes Round-Up this week.
Monday Day 31
Meatless (vegan for me) Monday
Tuesday Day 32
Mexican (Taco) Tuesday
Wednesday Day 33
Thursday Day 34
Leftovers and Pantry Frankenstein Creation: Chickpea Cauliflower Bread

Saturday Day 36
Sunday Day 37 Sunday Brunch
Don't forget to comment if you chose to do a Meatless Monday meal.

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  1. Just dropping by from MPM - your title intrigued me, but... we don't love "converted" recipes. Eat a lot of vegetarian meals, I even plan one vegan supper a week, but I don't like "fake meat", which rules out most "converted" recipes I've seen. Anyway, it's an ambitious goal for 2011 - good luck!!!

  2. Hi Jennifer. We don't do a *ton* of fake meat here either, lately. Chicken is "fake" but sometimes I use seitan. I've been hip on the chickpeas lately and ground beef substitute made from lentils and brown rice.