Monday, January 17, 2011

Menu Plan Monday Jan. 17

Last week's successes:

Last week's failure (if you're looking for a challenge):
Well, there wasn't really a failure last week. Awesome! I guess my least favorite was Toaster Pastries, but I think that's just because I would've preferred a more toddler-friendly size.

This week's hopefuls:

Meatless (vegan for me) Monday
"Chorizo"-Stuffed Masa Rolls (Mexican Pork Dim Sum)

Leftovers and Pantry Frankenstein Creation (Tuna Salad) (I'll figure out something to make that day based on what we have in the fridge and pantry.)

Brunch Casserole

Don't forget to comment if you chose to do a Meatless Monday meal.

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  1. I have been enjoying checking out your veggie conversions!I have some veggie converted recipes at my site you might enjoy.I get a kick out of taking something traditional and making it vegetarian (a.k.a. eatable). :-)

  2. Sounds like the veggie conversion continues to go well! Chorizo-stuffed masa rolls sound mouth-wateringly good. Do you follow a recipe or are they improvised? I'd love to make those sometime!

    Your tuna sounds great as well. I've bookmarked that recipe to make soon.

    Have a great week of cooking!

  3. We have been having Meat free Mondays for a while.
    The boys and I never eat meat but my husband has been joining us on a Monday.

  4. Thanks all for the compliments. :)

    Scrumptious—I sort of made it up. I really wanted to make Chinese Dim Sum rolls (the kind stuffed with shredded pork that I've never been able to try that look so yummy). But, all I had on-hand similar to pork were these Chorizo "sausages" so I thought, huh, Mexican dim sum rolls? Sure! So, I put those in there along with some veggie stock, flour, cheese and black beans. They are really really good and the recipe is posted now. Weird thing, they taste Indian. Crazy.

    lisa9999—that's awesome that you're husband's joining you for Meatless Mondays! It makes life so much easier to do one meal for everyone.

    Sandra—I have looked at your recipes before, they look super yummy. Thanks for reminding me, I need to check them out again!