Monday, January 10, 2011

Menu Plan Monday Jan. 10

Last week's successes:
Tamales, also voted #1 by the omnivore husband
Chicken Puttanesca Pasta
Beef Stroganoff

Last week's failure (if you're looking for a challenge):
Curry Chicken Broccoli Casserole, this wasn't a total failure, just not a hit.

This week's hopefuls:

Meatless (vegan for me) Monday
Loaded Tostadas, veggie-converted

Leftovers and Pantry Frankenstein Creation (I'll figure out something to make that day based on what we have in the fridge and pantry.)

Brunch Toaster Pastries, veggie-converted (and turned savory with an omelette filling)

Don't forget to comment if you chose to do a Meatless Monday meal. I'm trying to do vegan Mondays as most of our meals are already meatless.  

This post linked is linked at Menu Plan Monday and Fit Meals Monday.


  1. Just found your blog as a result of FMM. You have a great idea! I look forward to reading more about your adventures. :)

  2. Great site! Thanks for joining us on Fit Meals Monday! I started doing Meatless Monday last year, and I'm loving it! The kids look forward to seeing what were are going to have. The cranberry blue cheese meatloaf sounds AMAZING!

  3. What fun! I'm so impressed that you are converting all your family favorites to be vegetarian, and that your omnivore family is eating veg with you. That's just awesome. And I love your great graphic as well - in goes the meat, out come the veggies!

    Have a great week of cooking!

  4. We are a "blended" family here, too! ;-) I'm the vegetarian, leaning toward vegan; the rest are carnivores..... ;-)

    Glad I found you, through MPM.....

  5. Ah yes, photo editing programs let me build just about anything. I debated between that and some sort of vegetable calculator. I thought the meat grinder made more sense. Glad you like it.

    Blended families make things tough sometimes to make one meal. I lean toward vegan, too. It's hard with the little-ones though.

  6. I love your Thursday! Pantry Frankenstein Creation sounds like so much more fun than "let's clean leftovers out of the fridge."

  7. Hah! It is more fun. I need some jumper cables and a friend named Igor to make it truly complete!