Friday, January 28, 2011

Blogger Award and Recognition

I'm relatively new to blogging so I don't even know enough to expect awards. I certainly didn't anticipate getting one less than a month into my personal challenge. I'm surprised and touched that Stephanie of Wild Crickets felt such a connection to my blog that she thought to award me a Stylish Blogger Award.

Wow. I did a little happy dance. As a primarily "for fun" and for information blogger, I wonder what people get out of reading my blog (and sometimes IF they're reading my blog). 

This week has been one full of recognition for me. I've had six fellow bloggers recognize my blog or feature a recipe since Monday. It's so amazing, I was a bit overwhelmed by the sudden attention. And, I now have nearly 100 GFC followers as well. So, thank you Stephanie and thank you to those who featured my blog and recipes. Your attention and appreciation of my work is truly appreciated.

The rules of the award are as follows:
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
  • Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award
My seven things..

1. I'm a former newspaper editor, I have a degree in journalism, photo sequence specifically, from the renowned University of Missouri School of Journalism. I was a reporter (mostly city government and cops & courts beats) and newspaper editor for eight years prior to mommyhood. While I'm not deciding the news for entire communities anymore, I feel like I'm still using a little bit of my degree when I write my blog. It's not your standard hard-hitting journalism, but it keeps me writing, which I love.

2. I have another degree, which I do not use at all, a Master's of Science in criminal justice. No, I never aspired to be a police officer, though I have the utmost respect for those who do, particularly after working with so many during my career. I wanted the degree to better understand my beat in reporting (cops & courts). And I once considered going to law school.

3. If you're a regular follower, you know this already. I HATE to fry. I know hate is a strong word and I don't use it lightly. And it's not for the reason you might think. I mean, I consider it a bonus that it's healthier to bake things or cook them some other way. But no, I'm just bad at it. I end up splash-burning my hands or, as happened once, setting my kitchen aflame.

4. I am a vegetarian because I just don't like meat. It's a textural thing mostly, sometimes it's taste, too. I just think it's gross. If it were up to me, I'd eat tofu or vegetables all day long. Seriously. Brown rice with veggies and baked tofu plan? Sign me up! But, my husband likes meaty things, so this is our compromise. I like a lot of the fake meats, too, but if it's too meaty, I don't like it (see just about any post including Gimme Lean sausage). I consider it a bonus that I don't eat animals and the health benefits are great. But I would be a total hypocrite if I pretended that was my primary reason, as I have some leather lurking in my closes somewhere, still.

5. I love to read. My husband finally convinced me to buy an ereader for myself (I rarely buy myself anything, I nearly have to be kicked and dragged for self-shopping). And I LOVE it. I wasn't sure I'd like reading non-paper books, but it's so great just to be able to re-fill my reading list with the touch of a button. Click, new books! Sweet! And with the e-ink, it's really great on my eyes, so not as weird as reading on the computer.

6. I was born a yankee. I was born in the Midwest and went to college there, but now live in Atlanta. I went to junior high and high school in Georgia, so I'm sort of an adopted summer. I love it here, but sometimes it's still a culture shock.

7. I worried about having kids. I worried whether I would be a good mother and whether raising children was the right choice for me. I always wanted kids, but wasn't sure if I should have them. But, wanting won out and I'm so glad it did. There are hard times, of course, but the joy those little girls bring is amazing. Now we'll just have to see whether I can convince my mommy brain to stop at 2! Some days it's easier than others! 

Now for the blogs I enjoy following every day. Though there are a ton of huge blogs, as I like to say, that I follow, I tried to stick to some of the medium-size or smaller blogs so I could give some attention to those. I'm not basing this on any "followers" numbers, just a feeling, So I hope I'm not insulting anyone by saying they are not "big-time," as I'm by no means an expert on blog traffic. But, just FYI, I am stalking the following "big-time" bloggers also: Steph at, Tricia at and Kate and

15 of my favorites:

Sexy Vegan Mama—I love her blogs, but I really love chatting with her. She has a great personality and is just a ton of fun to communicate with on twitter and the like. And who doesn't love reading about creative desserts? It's a challenge to bake vegan, but she does it with gusto. Yum.

Midnight Maniac—She hosts an awesome Meatless Monday link-up and does a lot for that movement, I think. She also has a great classy, retro feel to her blog. Fun!

Miz Helen's Country Cottage—So awesome. She cooks meat, but I love it. I've converted quite a few of Miz Helen's yummy country cottage creations.

Vegan Miss—She is doing the coolest thing right now. She's recreating vegan versions of the recipes in this hilarious old cookbook called, "Dishes Men Like." I love it. And the recipes sound delicious once she de-meats them. 

Around My Family Table—Wendy's Tip Day Thursday is such a great idea. I love it.

Kelly the Kitchen Kop—She probably is big time, but I've not seen her around the blogosphere as much as the others above. As you can see from the post I linked you to, we often disagree, but I think we're both OK with that. I love her take on things and she's really inspired me to use more whole foods. That's something I've been struggling with in the mixed-eater family here. But, it's a work in progress. Full disclosure: While this is not an affiliate link, I'm a member of Kelly's affiliate group, but I really do love her blog or I wouldn't have joined.

Hey What's for Dinner Mom—She hosts a "Just another Meatless Monday" link-up, which I love. And her blog design is super snappy.

Turning the Clock Back—Another well-designed blog and she has a lot of great material on going green and "turning the clock back" to a more simple time.

The Big Red Pot—Coupons aplenty and delicious recipes, too.

Vegan Eats & Treats—She does delicious vegan desserts, primarily, and she's been posting lately on her yoga-training trip in India. Way cool.

Vegan Dad—He doesn't post super often now that school is back in session, but he has some really creative vegan dishes. I particularly enjoyed the Harry Potter fare.

My Kitchen in the Rockies—Simple, delicious recipes. Her chicken soup was a fantastic one to convert. 

Finding Joy in My Kitchen—SnoWhite and her Frog Prince are just so pleasant to read about and they have some super yummy-sounding recipes, too. I'm planning to make her homemade bagels next week. Drool.

Parenting the Tiniest of Miracles—What? I know, she does do recipes, though. No, I don't have a preemie, but I do have an on-the-tiny-side toddler, and she really helped me a lot with potty training. Plus, her recipes sound good, too.

Sweet Treats by Jesseca—Nutella Crepes, yum. And sometimes she does savory recipes, too. Yum. 

OK there we go. Again, if you aren't into awards, know that I recognized you because I love your blog, not for any other reason. I don't mind if you ignore it. So, if you would like to, follow the rules and pass on the award. And, yum to all your tasty recipes! Good luck to all of you lady and man bloggers. I really need to find more of those men bloggers! I have only one or two I follow. But I digress. Thanks again to Wild Crickets for the award.


  1. wow...thanks. Thank you for thinking of me and my blog! I'm so glad that you are a regular.

    Around My Family Table

  2. Kristi,
    How kind of you to think of me for this lovely award I really appreciate it. I always love it when you convert one of my recipes.
    Thank you very much and Best Wishes
    Miz Helen

  3. You're so sweet! Cool about how we disagree but are still bloggy friends, so true!! I've got lots of friends & family who I'm not on the same page with about this or that, and you prob do, too, but it's all good - we all have lots to learn from each other. :)


  4. Hi! New follower from the Saturday Stalk! I am also veg because I don't like the taste of meat :) Glad I found you!


  5. Aw, thanks so much! I have plenty of "tiny girl" advice any time you need any. :) That is so fascinating about your professor being able to peg all the birth orders but yours. I bet he would have known I'm the youngest in a heartbeat. Pretty sure it's obvious! Ha!

  6. Thanks so much for linking up for Hop Along Friday! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to stop by if you get a chance! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)


  7. Hi!
    This is Budget Savvy Diva from the Blog Hop - I follow you now and would love if you would follow me back - - #1 frugal blog in Southern California - updated every hour on the hour so you never miss a deal

  8. Hi Kristi,
    I just wanted to let you know that I just posted the Stylish Blog Award Post.I am honored to pass this award on to 15 other ladies.
    Thanks again!
    Hope you are having a great week end!
    Best Wishes,
    Miz Helen

  9. hey Kristi, thanks for the shout out! what an honor! :) It's been fun blogging from India! Just one week left...

  10. Dear Kristi, Thank you so much for thinking of me. I hope you will find many more recipes to convert. You will probably also notice that I try to use less and less meat in my cooking, too. Without my family I would already cook meatless. At least I have their big support in only purchasing local and humanely raised meat.
    Thanks again for including me.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  11. thanks for the mention and the award! I really appreciate it!