Friday, December 31, 2010

Saturday Stumbles

The It's Come 2 This Saturday Stumbles asks for favorite blogs stumbled upon in 2010. Here are mine.

Kelly the Kitchen Kop: Kelly is ridiculously nice and thorough and, though our definitions of "real" food may vary, I really enjoy reading her insights on food.

Once A Month Mom: Tricia does an insane amount of work every month putting together a month's worth of meals complete with grocery list, day-long cooking guide to cook everything in one day and recipe cards. You see this all over the web, but not like Tricia does! And now Christine has joined the crew to provide a diet menu. So, now I'll have two choices for what to vegetarianize! Yay!

Miz Helen: Oh my goodness. She is so sweet and her cooking just reminds me of the prototypical grandmother. My "cook" grandmother passed when I was very young, but some of Helen's homey treats make me remember my grandma fondly. Delicious.

Chubby Vegetarian: Justin's recipes are super fancy. Sometimes they're a little too fancy for my everyday menu, but I just love to read what adventurous new recipes he comes up with. One of my favorites is how he makes "bacon" out of diced mushrooms and bacon salt. Yum!

And, for my fifth and final blog...a not entirely food blog.
Lifeasmom: Jessica does a lot of different things on her blog (she has food elsewhere, too). My favorite recent post was her 2011 Book Club. Not all the books are my style, but I just think that's really cool to host a book club on your blog. And, she includes an option to veer off the prescribed book path. Super inventive.

Thanks to all these bloggers and bloggers everywhere for all you do!

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  1. Hi Kristi,
    What a nice surprise to have as I am having my coffee on New Years Day. I am so honored that you listed me on your Saturday Stumbles, you are so kind. I hope to see more of you at The Cottage in 2011. Hope you have a great year!
    Happy New Year
    Miz Helen