Friday, December 31, 2010

Dawn of the Meatless Recipe Resolution

Tomorrow is Day 1 of 2011 and the first day of my personal challenge to convert traditional and family favorite recipes--one per day--for each day of the year. It's a pretty daunting New Year's Resolution when I let myself think about it. Eep! What have I done? Do I really need to cook a meatless recipe every single day? Simply put, yep.

For my combination family--vegetarians and omnivores in our bunch--we need some sort of compromise to make all of us happy. I am tired of throwing away food when I try to make "real" meat for my husband that I can't really taste test properly or eat if he hates. I tried for a while to eat meat, but my reason for not eating meat isn't philosophical (unfortunately). I just don't like meat, never have (apparently I even snubbed meat baby food as an infant).

So, I'm even more tired of making multiple meals for a single family. It's bad enough that I need to figure out which things can be sent with my husband to work that will reheat well. Some things just turn out icky in the microwave. So, this is it. The final day to laze about making meals whenever I wish. Tomorrow ushers in the new era of organization and omnivore-friendly vegetarian recipes. Eep!

 OK, deep breath.

I will be chronicling what I make each day and am hoping to bring a new recipe each of the 365 days. I will definitely post my daily conversion each of the 365 days of the year, hopefully without repeats. The vast majority of those recipes will include meat substitutes. I'd also like to welcome vegans to the site, but my recipes will be geared primarily toward vegetarians and omnivores who choose to eat some vegetarian meals (for instance, Meatless Monday participants). Vegans, please see my post on Vegan Dairy Conversion to convert my vegetarian recipes to suit your needs.

So, fireworks, pew pew! Welcome to the challenge. Please be gracious and send me your recipe suggestions via comment here or by email at

Welcome to Veggie Converter 365.

The Veggie Converter

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  1. Good for you! We are flexitarians so meat is still in some meals...I am always looking for new vegetarian recipes!
    Good Luck!
    I will be following.
    - Angie