Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vegetarian Turkey Perfect Sandwich Recipe

I planned on doing these sandwiches Friday with leftover Tofurky, but we did our Thanksgiving "dinner" at noon so we had these for dinner tonight instead. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate and enjoy this delicious use of leftovers tomorrow (or for a midnight snack). The original was featured on a Food Network Thanksgiving special and basically took all the pre-fab Thanksgiving feast favorites and slapped them between two slices of bread: sliced turkey, canned cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes and mayonnaise on one slice of the bread. I thought, mayonnaise, with cranberry sauce? Eww. I braved it. I'm glad I did.

Vegetarian Turkey Perfect Sandwich

Basically, just take all your leftovers from Thanksgiving and slap them between two pieces of lightly toasted bread (TJ's Italian is perfect). Coat one side of one piece of the bread lightly with mayonnaise. Assemble, devour. You can pretty much do this with the addition of any of your holiday favorites. I went with the simple version for the first attempt and I'm not sure I will vary it. It was just that good. I debated on adding in a layer of green bean casserole, but stopped myself at the last minute.

The Results
Yum. Vary it and try out different things or go with the traditional. I'm sure we're all be eating turkey or tofurkey sandwiches for a few weeks now, so there's plenty more time to experiment. Honestly, I liked it better than the tofurkey by itself. I have always been a fan of smothering my turkey in toppings anyway (this goes back to when I tried to drown out the taste or real turkey with the cranberry and mashed potato flavor).

Try these other uses for leftovers:
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