Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vegetarian Meat Stuffed Potato Croquettes Recipe

"Meat" Stuffed Potato Croquettes
    4 C Mashed potatoes
    2 Tbsp. Milk or cream
    2 Tbsp. Butter
    Few grains cayenne pepper
    2 Tbsp. Grated parmesan cheese
    Salt and pepper
    2 Egg yolks
    Ground Meat Mixture
    1 bag "beef" crumbles (Morningstar Farm or Quorn)
    1 med. Onion; chopped
    1 Tbsp. Chopped parsley
    Salt and pepper
     1 Beaten egg; for batter
    Flour as needed for batter

To the mashed hot potatoes, add cream or milk, butter, cheese and seasonings. Mix well and beat until light; add the well-beaten egg yolks and let stand until cold. Mix meat, onion and parsley with salt and pepper and cook until done. Flatten 1 tablespoon potato mixture in palm of hand. Place 1 teaspoon meat mixture in center and roll into pear-shaped croquette. Roll in flour, then in beaten egg and again flour. Fry in butter or deep fat until golden brown. 4 servings.

The Results
I hate frying things. It's the one thing involved in cooking or baking food that I absolutely don't like. And I'm bad at it. I set my kitchen on fire once doing it. So, yeah, we're not friends. So, there was a tiny voice inside my head cheering for these to be bad so I never had to make them again. Sadly, that voice was slapped down when I popped one of these in my mouth. In spite of the fact that my creamy mashed potatoes were probably a terrible choice (they made the balls really hard to form, I think I'd leave out the milk and butter if I did this again) and in spite of the fact that a salesman at the door made me almost burn one batch, I would do it again. They are that good. I dipped mine in leftover gravy. Yum.
This makes a lot of croquettes.
I'm not sure it really serves 4...but this is the point that I
switched to mixing it all in together.
In spite of my terrible frying, they still look OK.

After the salesman refused to go away quickly in spite of my egg and flour-covered hands, I did; however, decide to cheat on the last half of the croquettes. I rushed it and just mixed the meat mixture into the potato mixture before balling and egg/flouring them. I tried both variations and they actually tasted about the same. I don't even really think the "surprise" factor of the meat being tucked inside the croquette made them look much different or made it worth the extra effort of inserting and rolling and all that. But, maybe for a holiday party it would be worth the extra time to make them pretty. Of course, nothing I fry looks pretty regardless of construction so I'm out of luck there.

Doing the croquettes this way is a huge mess.
But, they are so tasty it's worth it.

I'm thinking that I might try to do this like I do falafel next time I attempt it. Putting them in the crockpot should have the same effect on these croquettes as it does on falafel....making them pseudo-fried with less fat and way less mess. If you want to try that, the method would be the same, minus the frying. Just coat your crockpot with oil and cook on high for 2-5 hours. Let me know how it goes.

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